In addition to the Prisoners’ Dilemma game simulation, Kay McLennan used the OpenSimulator virtual world platform to build an assortment of interactive games (that illustrate additional game theory concepts) — see below.


Chicken Game

Chicken is a game with two players typically in cars on opposing ends of a long stretch of highway or set to possibly go off a cliff (like in the movie “Rebel Without a Cause.” The loser of the game is the one that either swerves off the road first or hits the brakes (and does not go over the cliff). See the payoff matrix for the payoffs and costs of swerving/stopping versus continuing straight/off the cliff.

Chicken 3

Chicken payoff matrixColonel Blotto

Colonel Blotto

Colonel Blotto is a zero-sum game. Colonel Blotto has four armed forces units and his opponent has three armed forces units. Each side is attempting to take/defend four mountain passes. One point is scored for each pass taken and one point for each unit taken. Blotto’s enemy will be deploying his forces against his opponent knowing that the opponent’s forces will have three “pure” strategy deployment options, with: (1) one unit in each of the three mountain passes; or (2) two units in one pass and one unit is another pass; or (3) all three units in one pass. In return, Blotto has four forms of pure strategy: (1) deploying all four units to one pass; or (2) deploying one unit to each of the four passes; or (3) deploying three units to one pass and one unit to another pass; or (4) deploying 2 units to one pass and 2 units to a different pass.

Colonel Blotto 2


Guerrillas vs. Police

Guerrillas vs Police

Guerrillas versus Police is a zero-sum game (with zero-sum games representing conflict situations). In turn, the solution theory for a zero-sum game is apply rational strategies.

In this game, there are two government arsenals, ‘m’ guerrillas, and ‘n’ police. The guerrillas would like to capture one or both of the arsenals and the police need to defend both arsenals. The guerrillas will win the game if they capture even one arsenal and the police only win if they successfully defend both arsenals.

The guerrillas can win if m > n. The police can win if n is greater than or equal to 2m.

G vs P

Snowdrift Game

Snowdrift Game

A brother and sister are traveling together in a car that hits an icy patch on the road, slides off the road, and gets stuck in a snowdrift. In turn, the brother and sister have the same objective — to dig the car out of the snowdrift so they can continue on their journey. Still, who is going to shovel the snow? It might seem reasonable for both to get out of the car and shovel the snow away from the car together. Still, what if one of the siblings is a freeloader that refuses to help?

Prisoners’ Dilemma Game

AAA Econ 6

See the Prisoners’ Dilemma section of this web site.